Friday, February 26, 2010

Sharing the Love

The blogging community is a great treasure in my life, and I'd like to take a minute to show some love to some of my favorite blogs (and their amazing authors). Although it really stunk being sick right before school vacation, it was in a way a blessing in disguise, since being forced to take it easy has really allowed me to reconnect with some wonderful bloggers. I know that on Monday, when school is back in session, I'll probably go back to being a reader--finding the time to post my own stuff regularly and to write comments on other blogs is going to be difficult.

Emily's blog is about her sobriety and the hard journey she's been on to get there ... and to maintain it. My ex-husband's alcoholism came as a complete shock to me, and trying to understand his behavior and why he couldn't (and can't) seem to stop drinking no matter what support he had offered was extremely difficult for me. Emily's blog has been instrumental to my understanding of where he is coming from ... and to possibly reaching a degree of forgiveness at some point. She is an amazing lady with stories to share that will shock, sadden, and ... enlighten you.

I love Beth's blog because she is, like me, both a writer and a high school English teacher. Beth has the ultimate ear for picking up the humor that transpires in her classroom and carrying it over to her blog. I swear, the stories she has on her blog have me rolling over on the floor with tears running down my face. She's terrific : )

Elana Johnson has become perhaps the wise voice in the back of my head as I work hard to become a published writer. This lady is wise, witty, and full of questions relevant to all aspects of writing. She is a constant presence in the blogosphere, contributing to discussions that take place on her blog posts and commenting on the posts of others relating to all sorts of subjects. I think she is truly remarkable!

Roni has a great gift for gathering those of us passionate about writing together. She's even starting a lit crit event on her blog where you can submit pieces for public critiquing (yes, I've submitted mine ... it should be running at the end of March) and be part of the actual critiquing process. Very cool : )

The great Suldog is one of the funniest people I've ever met. Well, not MET met, but you know what I mean. This guy is a trip, and even when he's making fun of people, you kind of have to love him. Check his blog out ... you'll see what I mean : )

AbbyAnnis is another aspiring writer. She asks probing questions that makes one think on her blog, and I carry what I read with me as I write and as I live : ) She currently has a contest going on, so check it out if you're interested.

Brittany's blog is full of life and laughter. Her perspective on life's events is fresh, her voice is humorous and thought-provoking, and she is just an awesome person.

Reading Elliott's blog is always an adventure. Whether he's asking you to match up TV shows with their famous eating spots or giving a science lesson on why winter corn sucks, you will be entertained. And the cheese interludes are great : )

Speaking of entertained, Jinksy's blog is always a treat. She is a feisty retired lady who is just taking the computer age by storm, and her perspective is unique. She writes interesting thoughts and great poems, and her posts stay with me. She makes me laugh, she makes me think, and I just adore her blog : )

Claus always has a unique post on her blog. She's got a gift for graphics and also for making what's on her mind at any given moment relevant. Finding her blog was a real treat : )

Children of the '90s is a blog I ALWAYS read. While its audience is admittedly specific, I fit perfectly into its demographic with my knowledge of cheesy '90s movies and my love for board game jingles. This blog gets me in touch with childhood memories I thought long gone, so that's cool too : )

Little Ms. Blogger calls her blog "A Little Blog About Nothing". I would argue, however, that her blog is instead about EVERYTHING. Check it out ... you'll see what I mean.

There are many more blogs I can (and eventually will) recommend, but I'm out of time at the moment ... have to go make dinner for the kiddos. What I do want to ask is that you all consider showing your blog love. It doesn't take much time, and I've set up a linky-thing that will let you link to your blog so we can call go check out the blogs that YOU love : ) Thanks for sharing, and thank you sincerely for being a very important part of my life, strange as that sounds.

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