Monday, April 2, 2012

Fragments (It's Not Friday, but the Time is Right)

* Assigning a major essay on the last day of the quarter was a dumb idea.  Like, REALLY dumb ... I have to take a break from grading essays connecting universal themes in Romeo and Juliet to contemporary literature or my brain is going to turn to mush.

* I've written a couple of cool pieces at Zelda Lily, one on whether winterguard is a sport or a hobby and one on my foray into a man's world when I went to a cigar bar to watch the Super Bowl.  Both are pretty interesting :-)

* I've been sleeping on the couch (long story), and my black lab has decided that jumping on top of me at five am is a good idea.

* Um ... that's all I've got ;-)

Back to universal themes and Mercutio and Friar Lawrence and the circle of life and ... yeah, you get where I'm coming from ...

Are Minorities Discouraged from Taking Upper-Level Classes?: The Elephant in the Room

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