Monday, April 2, 2012

Fragments (It's Not Friday, but the Time is Right)

* Assigning a major essay on the last day of the quarter was a dumb idea.  Like, REALLY dumb ... I have to take a break from grading essays connecting universal themes in Romeo and Juliet to contemporary literature or my brain is going to turn to mush.

* I've written a couple of cool pieces at Zelda Lily, one on whether winterguard is a sport or a hobby and one on my foray into a man's world when I went to a cigar bar to watch the Super Bowl.  Both are pretty interesting :-)

* I've been sleeping on the couch (long story), and my black lab has decided that jumping on top of me at five am is a good idea.

* Um ... that's all I've got ;-)

Back to universal themes and Mercutio and Friar Lawrence and the circle of life and ... yeah, you get where I'm coming from ...


  1. Well if he delayed his jumping by a few hours then it wouldn't be so bad.

  2. Dogs are like that. Fun aren't they. Hehehehehehe

  3. Off to check out those pieces you wrote. Have a great week!