Bring On the Guest Posts

I've had some incredible guest posts written by some amazing bloggers (and my sister, who is also amazing but is not a blogger).

I would LOVE to have more guest posts, not because I'm too lazy to write but because I find the ideas of other people to be utterly fascinating.

This blog is meant to be about thinking.  I am one person, and I'm guilty of tunnel vision.  If you'd like to add a thought-provoking post, I promise to run it.  Quickly.

Just drop me an e-mail:
kloud1026 at

I'll get back to you very quickly ... my iPhone is a rock star :-)

Guest Posts Thus Far:
"Travel Moments: The Epiphanies of Getting Around" by Mary (my sister, whose real name I don't use as she is fairly well-known in certain circles, and nobody should find stories of her sucking her finger until she was a teen or wetting the top bunk while we were in Florida while Google-searching for her real name ;-))
"Kids Can be Fun ... in Hindsight" by Martin Willoughby
"Free Form or Pre-Formed" by Eric "Bubba" Alder
"Ten Historical Facts About Thanksgiving" by Lori Hutchinson
"An Object of Miscellany" by Kenny Martin
"A Modern-Day Alice in Wonderland?" by Denise Mason