Saturday, February 27, 2010

Procrastination Problems

The girls and I (and Addie's best friend) are leaving in a few hours to go skiing with Andy, his daughter, and his neice. We're staying at his grandparents' condo right on the mountain, so tonight will be all going in the pool and just hanging out and tomorrow ... tomorrow will be lessons for the little girls and Addie (who's a pretty good skiier) learning how to snowboard and Andy and I ... well, either helping the little girls out with lessons or helping Addie and her buddy with snowboarding or maybe even getting to make a run or two of our own. I'm wicked excited (and I have to offer a giant shout out to my brother, Adam, who is VERY generously going to stay at the house with the dogs so we can go up tonight with everyone else).

The purpose of this post is to flagellate my procrastination tendencies a bit. And by the way, yes, I'm aware that blogging instead of doing the huge list of things I need to do is just perpetuating the procrastination. Okay, here's what I need to do ... and, yes, most of it could have been accomplished yesterday or the day before. I'm horrible!

1. Get dog food. There's no excuse on this one ... I mean, I've known that I had to get dog food for days. The situation is a bit complicated by the fact that my dogs eat a specialized dog food that's only available at one store, a store that doesn't open until nine.

2. Pack. Yup, haven't even started. Also not sure where my bathing suit is.

3. Take a shower. Oh, and give Belle a shower.

4. Go to the grocery store to get juice boxes and stuff for breakfast and so on.

5. Take Addie to get a top for her bathing suit. Or, if that's not possible, to get her a new bathing suit. The child has got to stop growing!

6. Clean the house up a bit. And try to remember to make coffee for Adam so he just has to press the button tomorrow morning.

7. Go get Addie's friend.

8. Drive to Andy's house, where he will also have procrastinated packing. Since he had to work today, he at least has an excuse.

Somebody told me once that making a list to prioritize is helpful. I'm just feeling even more overwhelmed now. Looking at it like that doesn't help at all ... I'm still not even sure where to begin. Shower then pack? Pack (because I know there will be lots of stuff I won't be able to find and I'll get all upset) then shower? Go get the dog food? Tidy up the house?

Is procrastination (and disorganization) an issue someone can overcome? I mean, I seriously disgust myself sometimes ...

Well, anyway, it will all get done eventually, and it's going to be a great weekend :) I'm bringing the video camera (and my computer, although I'm not sure whether or not there will be internet access), so you'll no doubt hear all about it over the next few days.

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