Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finding Beauty in Small Places

My Advisory went outside to play basketball this morning.

In the field just past the hot top, a rather industrious spider had spun a gorgeous and shockingly large web. One of my students noticed it, and we all went in for a look.

It was just breathtaking, all sparkling with dew and twinkling in the morning sunshine.

What was even more beautiful to me, thoughn was the fact that none of my kiddos felt the need to destroy it or even mess around with it in any way. No, they looked, drank in the perfection of this gift of nature for a moment (admittedly short, but a moment), then went about their business of forcing unathletic old me into actually playing basketball.

I am always struck by beauty, but this unexpected double whammy was just what the doctor ordered :)

When have you found beauty in completely unexpected times or places?