Monday, July 20, 2009

Words from Addie (I Mean, Directly from Addie--she's Guest-Writing)

Addie has discovered my blog. As such, she suggested we co-write a post for today. However, since I'm in the middle of a thrilling part of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I'm going to read while she writes a post here. Hope y'all enjoy :) Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Addie.
I don't like that most of you reading this know more about me then you should. And I don't like this weird name my mother gave me. Addie? Like math? You add? Ie? Ew. My sister gets the better deal. Belle means beautiful. I mean mathy. I HATE math. I didn't even know she wrote on here about us until I read the one about me and my jealousy towards my grandma and Belle. AND SHAME ON YOU to all who took her side. You are horrible people who don't deserve to read this blog. Be gone with you. She is 5 and she gets along with her parents. She doesn't need her all the time. Me on the other hand... Anyways. My head hurts. Migraines? Maybe. This is pointless, unlike the normal entry. But I'm bored and Secret Life of the American Teenager doesn't start for half an hour. Plus this blog needs some spicing up. So my topic here, after all of this rambling, is the generation gap. Do you really believe that my generation, the teens of this period, are worse than your generation? I believe that all are different; we would never do some things your generation would, and you would never have done things we do now. We may be way too tech-savvy, but we know skills most adults will never learn, or will fail miserably at, as my mother has shown. Anyways, give me your input. Am I from a group of people worse than Neanderthals? Or will we save the world in our future? Nice talking to ya.

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