Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing People in Random Locations

I am very blessed to have some remarkable people in my life. My family comes first, of course, then my friends. I have mentioned on several occasions now the great fortune I've had of getting to know some truly amazing people through this blog and others that I follow.

One group that constantly surprises me, pleases me, makes me more proud that I can put into words, though, are the amazing students that I have. I don't know why it is--if I won some magical teacher lottery--but I've always had memorable, smart, funny, good-hearted, loyal, kind, and (in general) willing to work hard students. They make my job less a job and more a pleasurable way to spend a day.

Sometimes I'll say to my friends, "I can't believe I get paid for analyzing literature and writing essays with children!" Sometimes I feel guilty because I take so very much pleasure in my job.

The one downfall I can think of is that I can't really talk about specific kids (even with pseudonyms, that would be crossing some sort of moral line with me). There are a few very special kids that will always be close to my heart that have made an appearance or two in my posts, but none are my students anymore.

The kids I have now ... amazing people in a random location. Who would have expected to have your life changed, your happiness level bumped up exponentially, by a bunch of high school freshman that occasionally still need the deodorant lecture?

So when have you found amazing people in random, unexpected locations? Or even other people who have changed your life?

Positive thoughts for a Friday : ) : ) : )

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