Sunday, April 26, 2009

Insomniacs of the World Unite

Actually, that's probably not such a great idea. After all, if every insomniac felt as I do (and after not sleeping well for two weeks, I'm kind of looking for a fight ... and I'm one of the most non-violent people I know), their united front would be pretty scary.

So if you've suffered from insomnia, what's your deal? I've had trouble sleeping since I was a baby--falling asleep, staying asleep once I do fall asleep, no emergent patterns, rhyme, or reason to when I'm able to sleep and when I'm not ...

And honestly, I've kind of gotten used to it. My mother suffers from insomnia, Mary suffers from insomnia, Addie suffers from insomnia ... it's just a raw deal my family got dealt. C'est la vie.

What I'm more curious about is, how prevalent is this problem? How many of you are up at night trying more than anything to fall asleep, popping Ambien and Lunesta and Advil PM, spraying "sleep spray" on your pillow and/or sleeping mask, drinking warm milk, slipping the Valium you have prescribed for migraines because it makes you sleepy if your timing is right?

How many of you have found something that works?

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