Friday, July 13, 2012

The Liebster Award (I Got To Answer Questions :-))

Well, this is exciting :-)  I was given the Liebster Award by Jim, my favorite baby boomer (and the most amusing aspiring nudist I've never met ;-)).  So the deal is that I answer Jim's questions then come up with eleven of my own for those I tag to answer, should they so desire (I hope they do, and if you're not tagged and would like to participate, leave a link in the comments).

1. Paper, plastic, or bring your own bag?
Plastic.  I meant well with the "bring your own bag" venture, but I always forgot them at home, bought more every time I went to the store, and it became a situation where I wound up with ten or fifteen reusable bags.

And plastic bags are very useful ... picking up dog poop, wrapping an ice pack to go in a lunchbox, even serves as luggage in a clutch ;-)

2. Pajamas or sleep nude?
Due to my interesting living situation, I wear pajamas.  Well, pajama bottoms.

3. Hamburger or hot dog?
I have developed a taste for hot dogs with onions on them in recent years.  I never even used to like hot dogs.  However, cheeseburgers are on my top three list of favorite foods (the others being lobster and mashed potatoes, in case you're curious).

Ergo, it would depend on the mood I'm in.

4. Tea or coffee?
Coffee, without a doubt.  I am a bona fide coffee addict.  I walk into my "regular" Dunkin' Donuts and they say, "Large hot, skim milk and four Splenda, right?"

And the Keurig has changed my life forever ;-)

5. Walmart or Target?
Forgive me, oh union family of mine, but I have to go with Wal-Mart.  They just have everything right there, you know?  And they're not pretentious about it ... I feel a lot better shopping somewhere with a nickname of "Wally World" than "Tar-jhay".

6. Disneyland or Six Flags?
I've never been to Disneyland (although I've been to Disney World on numerous occasions).  I loved Disney World, but I also loved Six Flags.  Haven't been to either in awhile, though ... probably have to remedy that one of these days.

7.  Cat or dog?
DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!  My dogs are like my children ... they have personalities and mood swings and strange eccentricities.  Plus, whenever I am crying, they come running to give comfort.  My golden retriever even "hugs".

My boyfriend has cats, and they're pretty good as far as cats go.  However, they basically just walk around the house, lay on the refrigerator, and make the basement smell.  I mean, I like them all right, but I get the sense that they couldn't give a rat's ass about anyone ... including Henry.  He's kind of the hand that feeds them.  He would disagree, I'm sure, but I just think at the end of the day, cats are in life for cats.

Dogs love.

8. Book or a movie?
Book.  Always a book :-)

9. Who do you trust the most, friends or family?
I don't trust anybody.  Friends and family can burn you equally, and I've been hurt far too many times.

10. Soda or water?
Soda.  I do not like water.  I know, that sounds contrary to being human, right?  I have cut way back on soda, though, and tend to go with coffee or juice or Crystal Light.

11. Companionship or love?

Both ... that isn't really an either/or question.  I mean, you have to love someone that you are choosing companionship with, right?

Okay, here are the blogs I'm tagging ... I read a lot of blogs on a regular basis (A LOT), so it was hard to boil it down, but I thought y'all might enjoy checking out this very varied list.
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And here are my questions :-)

1.  Ocean or lake?
2.  Chocolate or vanilla?
3.  Android or iPhone?
4.  Coke or Pepsi?
5.  Nickelodeon or Disney?
6.  Facebook or Twitter?
7.  Loud or quiet?
8.  Summer or winter?
9.  Car or truck?
10.Marlon Brando or Tom Hanks?
11.McDonald's or Burger King?

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