Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fragments: What's Been Shaking This Week :-)

It's a great relief to me that it's a Friday ... and that I can use Friday Fragments (thanks, Mrs. 4444) to do the catch-up thing since I've once again been neglecting my blog.  

Ahem ...
My brother Adam, his girlfriend Colleen, and my precious nephew Pete came down to the beach on Sunday for a visit.  Lots of fun :-)
Particularly entertaining was the Subway incident.

We decided to get subs from Subway for lunch, and Addie pulled up the menu online so we could call in our order.  They had pulled pork on the menu, but when I ordered a pulled pork sub, the Subway lady (who didn't really speak English very well), told me that they didn't have pulled pork subs.

So Adam and I get to Subway (we took Addie's car, heeheehee), and he starts cracking up like nobody's business when we were greeted by this sign.
My mother has spent endless summer hours reading on the porch of the beach house for many years.  I have spent endless summer hours reading on the porch of the beach house for many years.  And now?
Enjoying lazy days at the beach (now that the dogs are back at the house)...and a random cat that hangs out there.  Yes, I'm serious :-)
Belle put on a hula hoop show.  She made tickets and everything ... my future superstar is pretty darn funny :-)

And I think this video truly captures the unique essence of Belle's personality ...
Belle had a very bad day on Monday.  She had a rough visit with her father (he fell asleep--I'm reserving judgment by not putting "passed out"--for over half an hour of a two hour visit at a movie theater and snored so loudly that everyone around us was staring and saying, "Shhh!" ... poor Belle was mortified), there was no mayonnaise for her desired tuna fish sandwich at lunchtime, and her fish died.

I told her we all have days like that sometimes...
Another week, another root canal (actually, it's the same root canal ... they just do it in three parts, so I had the second part done this week).
I went to make a phone call from the beach house, and it hit me like a ton of bricks how much the world has moved on.  I had my Droid (which can do everything but breathe for me) in one hand, but it wouldn't work because cell reception's dreadful at the beach, so I got the pleasure of using this baby when I had to call my mother ...
I went to another conference on Wednesday and Thursday, this one on PBIS (in a nutshell, focusing on rewarding positive student behaviors with the hope that it will motivate more kids to behave ... it sounds stupid on the surface, but it really and truly works really well).

It's been the summer of enjoyable and useful conferences :-)
I finally got the competencies written for my classes.  I've spent a lot of time with the state standards for English this week getting curriculum mapped out, and I'm exhausted but enthused.  One more week and then it's back to school! 

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