Friday, July 29, 2011

Root Canal :-(

This has been the summer of the dentist for the girls and I. I'm sitting in the waiting room of the endodontist right now, contemplating a very real problem.

I don't have dental insurance. Now, I have excellent medical insurance but, when it comes to the dentist (including the endodontist who will be doing a root canal on me shortly), it's all out of pocket.

I am fortunate--my mother is willing and able to loan me money for the dental dilemma should it become necessary (it hasn't yet, thank goodness).

I am feeling like the biggest jerk in the world, though, because I, from my orthodontically perfect smiling ivory tower, have made fun of a lot of toothless (or green-toothed) people.

It never occurred to me how lucky I was as a child that my parents had dental insurance.

This root canal is probably going to hurt a lot, and I kind of deserve it for my hubris...

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