Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fragments: Episode #154

A chance to recap the week in quick, fragmented bits ... Mrs. 4444 is a genius ;-)
Although I strongly believe that teaching is a yearlong 24/7 job, I was reminded yesterday of how fortunate I am in so many ways. I worked a 15-hour day yesterday (summer school followed by meetings for two separate committees), and I was compensated financially. Well-compensated. It was a good reminder of how fortunate I am to have a salaried job, particularly one that pays me a very generous hourly wage on top of that for extra work.


Addie went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II at midnight last night. New Hampshire has a law that sixteen-year-old drivers can't drive between one and five in the morning, so I had to pick her up after the movie ended. It was kind of a long, lonely night in the movie theater parking lot, especially since I would have loved to have been at the premiere myself, being the Potthead that I am ;-).


After much distress over not being able to figure out how to get my finished novel published, I took a deep breath and started rereading it with a fresh eye. I've made some significant cuts already. The surgery began on the lobby floor at my work ;-)

If you're interested in reading excerpts, thoughts, ideas, or what have you and weighing in, you can check out stuff about this mammoth (but completed ;-)) WIP here, here, and here.


Belle is having a great summer, but I miss her. She is going to day camp full-time (her choice, not mine), and she's loving every minute of it ... but it's so strange not having her around all the time, especially since she's growing up so quickly.


I wrote a piece over at Zelda Lily about a Ukrainian feminist group using topless protests to make political points. It got me thinking a lot about the point of this approach. I mean, you get attention, sure, but is it really the kind of attention you want?

I got talking to one of my girlfriends, and we decided we'd definitely participate in a topless protest if the opportunity arose, just because it would be such an interesting experience.

I mean, posting this pic (and yes, that's really me)

would get far more attention than this pic (which is also really me, and far more true to what I look like at the end of a given day ... like most people, I have a tendency to only post flattering pics of myself, so I'm breaking the mold here ;-))

It reminded me of how sad the world is in a lot of ways.

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