Sunday, June 5, 2011

Interesting Reading from the First Week in June

Since my "Interesting Reading" post from last week seemed fairly well-received, I figured I'd repeat it.  Hope you enjoy the few mentions here of the many (MANY MANY MANY) posts I read and loved this week :-)

One of the most powerful pieces I've read this week was posted fairly recently.  Basically, it's a connection between musical performers and the girls who fall into their categories.  Also, it uses the word "fellatio", which I once incorporated into my regular vocabulary ("You want me to dance?  Haha, I totally fellate at dancing") and also because ... well, never mind.  It's a brilliant post, though :-)

I love music, pretty much all music except for really twangy country and rap songs that exist just to throw in as many dirty words as possible (Tupac Shakur is one of the prolific musical artists on my iPod, for example, because his songs are poetry, really).  Much as I love music, though, I really love lyrics.  I have the dubious distinction of being the loser that can win pretty much any "fill in the rest of the song lyrics" contests (I won a t-shirt at a bar once for doing just that).  Anyway, this post got me thinking a lot about lyrics, the ones I carry around in my head from the past thirty-four years' worth of songs I've heard and the ones I'm looking forward to in the future.

Blogging is kind of an interesting part of the lives of many of us.  I know that there are a lot of times when I contemplate what exactly my blog is for, whether it even matters to anyone, what its purpose is, and so on.  I read this post at Melanie's Randomness recently that made me feel far less alone in that regard.  I also had a long conversation with my friend Bud last night about what exactly my blog is and why I should keep certain things (such as what happened after prom night this year, for example) off of it.

Remember back when the mailbox was an exciting opportunity, when running outside to see what magical correspondence the postman delivered was a long-awaited opportunity?  It seems that the only "snail mail" I get these days are bills ... the real stuff comes to me via Droid, which means I get e-mail pretty much instantly.  While I love getting e-mail (and Facebook updates and such), the magic of anticipation is pretty much gone. For more on this, check out Bliss Habits ... you'll be glad you did :-)

For the past few years, I've had my students write letters to actual companies to either make complaints or offer suggestions.  It's resulted in quite a few gift cards coming their way along with a great response in terms of letters from companies.  It's a good lesson in authentic, real-world writing, anyway.  And evidently, it happens sometimes when you don't even contact the company yourself, as Evil Pixie found out ...

And Brittany, who I've been following for years, it seems, took a stand for pregnant women everywhere this week.  She manages to turn every little thing into an impossible-to-stop-reading blog post, and I think she's just amazing.  You enjoy that tank top, girlie ;-)  She is due to have a baby any day, and I can remember how crazy I was when I was pregnant with both my girls ... I certainly wouldn't be writing blog posts :-)

Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did :-)

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