Friday, June 3, 2011

Fragments of Thought (I'm Blaming Percocet)

* "Bad Backs" truly do exist.I used to get really annoyed by people who, whenever asked to help lift something or mow the lawn or whatever, say, "Sorry, can't help, I have a bad back." I mean, talk about a convenient excuse!

But I woke up at two in the morning Sunday with excruciating back pain and found out the next day that I have a pinched sciatic nerve. Ouch!!!!! I've been on a lot of pain meds and muscle relaxants this week (hence the lack of posts and the weird rambling phone conversations I'm not contributing much to ;-)), but it is still horribly uncomfortable.

It's kind of funny, too ... I got a Coke out of the soda machine at work and couldn't bend down to get it out, and I memorably yelled, "I'm having a real problem with bending over!" down the hall, which caused a great deal of laughter.

I will never again roll my eyes when someone starts talking about a bad back. Instead, I will feel intense sympathy.

* My daughter is a brilliant musician.In typical Addie fashion, my lovely sixteen-year-old mentioned offhandedly that she had a solo in Tuesday's jazz band performance. What she didn't tell me was the extent of her solo. I videotaped it at her request, and I cried the whole time (my mother cried the duration of the song as well, and Belle just kept whispering, "Addie's playing! Addie's playing!"

Addie gave me the link to the video I made, but I had to swear not to post it on Facebook. I didn't. But here's the link (Blogger isn't Facebook, right ;-)?)

* Um ... my back hurts.
Feel free to roll your eyes ;-)

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