Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bits of Flotsam ;-)

I realized today how much I'm going to miss absolutely, 100% being able to post every day. I'll still post frequently, but it's not quite as simple when I go back to school on Monday (I always say that, "Back to school" instead of, "Back to work" ... I wonder if it's a teacher thing?).

Anyway, reentering the blogging world on a full-time basis for this past week has been a real treat, so maybe I'll find the time.

For today, here's an overview ...

1. Belle and I went to Target to get nail polish remover and some other stuff, then we went out to lunch at Friendly's. It's funny, we need to do Mommy/daughter dates more often ... I can't think of the last time she and I had a day together.

2. Addie has her second weekend of winter guard competitions. My mother drove down to watch it today, but Belle and I stayed home because Belle had to sell Girl Scout cookies at the grocery store. I'm really proud of Addie for stepping out of her comfort zone and giving winter guard a try ... the guard at her school is extremely good and very competitive, so she's really had to push herself.

3. I have plans tonight! Obviously not going to get my hopes up too much, but the possibility is always a nice feeling.

4. Belle and I have spent today (when we weren't shopping and eating) cleaning out (and throwing out, in some cases) her toys. She's moving into a bedroom in the main part of the house and out of the little barn attic room we have been sharing since we moved in with my mother. She's been sleeping in her new room for a week, and the time had come to move the toys over. I miss my little roommate :-(

5. There will be an upcoming post on this (I'm not quite ready to write it yet ...), but Belle is getting her pictures done tomorrow for her modeling/acting career. Long story short, Addie entered her in a contest, she made the first cut, she was one of 2,000 kids invited to Boston to meet with talent scouts, they picked ten ... and Belle was one of the ten. What started as a joke is becoming ... well, all too real. Anyway, that's tomorrow.

Finally, don't forget about the amazing, wonderful giveaway ... deadline is midnight on March 8, so make sure you enter (which you can do right HERE).

Ta :-)

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