Friday, February 4, 2011

Contribute Questions to The No-Holds-Barred Meme Here!

I am going to Vermont with some friends for the weekend. I'm pretty pumped, to say the least. We're supposed to be getting more snow--can you believe it????--so I'm leaving nice and early.

Anyway, I'm kind of excited about collaborating your questions for what I'm referring to as "The Patchwork Meme", also known as the no holds barred question collection, also known as the 100% honest guarantee, also known as ...

Well. It should be interesting.

These are the questions that exist thus far, but please feel free to add more in the comments or via e-mail. Bring 'em on ... the more questions, the more interesting this shall be : )

* Is there something most people find funny that you absolutely do not? (from David Batista)

* What do you find funny that most people don't? (from Jane)

* If you could go back and do a romantic relationship over, with a different outcome, would you? (from J.J. in L.A.)

* What do you hate being asked? (from Martin Willoughby)

* What is the funniest thing you ever did in front of your class? Was it planned or not? (from septembermom)

* Who cares how many pickles Peter picked? (from Bud Weiser, WTIT)

* Can you allow yourself to believe in love and trust? (from France Rants)

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