Monday, December 20, 2010

Un-Grinching :-)

I used to be super-into the holidays, especially Christmas. When I was a little girl, before my parents got divorced, it was pretty much a month-long party. We'd play Harry Simeon's "Little Drummer Boy" album and decorate--always with the same ornaments--and it was just a really good time. The local newspaper actually does a feature on Christmas stories each year, and I actually wrote about my experiences with my dad and Christmas (he is like a little boy around Christmas, even now)a few years ago.

And then, after my mother remarried, my stepfather became part of a whole new collection of holiday traditions.

However, my stepfather--probably my favorite person in the world other than my children--passed away two days before Christmas in 2004, and Christmas has been hard since then. And then, dealing with the divorce and everything changing, I was a total grinch last Christmas.

My holiday spirit is way perked up this year, although I'm not sure why. It's nice, though, so I'm just going with it :-)

I haven't updated here forever, which I feel badly about, but I've just been very busy with work and my kids and spending time with family and good friends, both old and new. Life is good, and the holiday season is the best time to realize that ... I'm glad I've finally remembered that.

Love, peace, and happy holidays to everyone :-)!

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