Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Philosophy of a Six-Year-Old

Belle is in this "Phineas and Ferb" phase. Disney Channel is showing numerous episodes today and, since I feel like crap, I'm sitting with Belle watching this very odd show. Belle started telling me about the different characters, and it made me laugh so hard that I had her start over and just typed down what she said. It's wild the way a child's brain works. Now, these are character-by-character depictions word for word from Belle's mouth ...

Phineas: You know Isabella that I showed you? Well, she's trying to encourage Phineas that, you know, she loves him. Every episode she's working on it, and every episode she doesn't get it. It's kind of like Toy Story 3. Ferb's his brother.

Ferb: Yeah, he's just like Phineas. He doesn't talk a lot. He follows Phineas. At the end of every episode he goes, like, "Blah blah blah."

Candace: She's just always trying to bust them. They're always building, like, a roller coaster or something that isn't safe. She calls their mom, but it's always cleaned up by then. And sometimes their dad stays home and they ask their dad if they can build, like, something and he says, "Yeah" but doesn't really understand.

Doofenshmirtz: Well, they have a pet named Perry and he's the platypus right there. He's a secret agent. All the agents pretty much just fool around with Perry. They tell Perry how to stop Doosensmirtz.

The Bully: Well, he usually beats up Baljeet.

Baljeet: I know it's a weird name, but pfft. Well, he's really busy just with Buford him up.

Isabella: Well, she's just always like, "Phineas! Phineas!" And in one episode she said, "Are you sure there's no one cuter?"

Norm: Norm is a robot. He helps Doosensmirtz and then he always tries to put Perry in a cage. Yeah.

Pretty funny, but I think she watches too much TV.

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