Monday, May 10, 2010


My mother refers to me as a walking, talking example of ADHD. While it's not the greatest thing in the world to hear, there's definitely some truth to it.

Whenever I say, "Want to hear what happened to me today?" at the dinner table, everyone groans. They know that it will take me at least ten minutes to tell a story because I will find it necessary to put in all sorts of background information and go off on random tangents (that aren't at all random in my brain, of course).

However scattered, disorganized, and, oh, all right, Mom, ADH-freaking-D I am in reality, though, I've always got high marks (so to speak) for having extremely organized writing. Truth be told, I'm just very lucky--teachers who see my writing want to know what graphic organizers I use to plan it, and I don't even know what to say. It's weird.

But since I've been writing for Zelda Lily, where I need to have a degree of focus, I've found that my writing has gotten a bit non-linear. It's not a bad thing, but it's like I'll start out writing about a subject from one direction but, by the time my piece is finished, I've approached it completely differently. I have not historically done a lot of short pieces, so I'm finding out all sorts of things about myself as a writer.

Does that ever happen to anyone else? A change in pace and/or direction forces you to make all these realizations?

Oh, and because a couple of people have asked, here are links to my articles at Zelda Lily.

* An ode to Lena Horne.
* Is it possible that boudoir photography (lingerie pics) might actually be feminist?
* NOW (National Organization for Women) is taking heat for encouraging women to love their bodies
* A female principal at a NH high school is taken to task for being a member of an offensive Facebook group
* An increase in abortions among poor women is concerning researchers.
* A bunch of women held a topless protest to bring attention to the double standard of men being able to go out in public topless when women can't.
* Charles Darwin continues to make scientific breakthroughs as his family tree shows inbreeding and likely genetic mutations.
* Should prostitution be legalized? Pros and cons are discussed.
* LifeStyles condoms are doing more with ... uh, sizing. (Yeah, not my finest piece ;-))
* Cyberbullying is become more and more serious ... and with deadly results.

Please feel free to check out any of those that might be of interest to you :-) It would be great if you could leave a comment ... the comments get very interesting over there are times ...

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