Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Curious? Ask a Formspring Question

A new blog craze seems to be formsprings. Basically, that means that I'm opening it up to you to ask me any questions you'd like. I will answer anything you ask me (now that's a dangerous statement if I've ever heard one ;)).

Here's the link to my Formspring:

Ask away : )

You can also ask questions in the comments here and I'll answer them in future posts. It took me a bit to figure out the Formspring thing, although it's very cool now that I've (sort of) got the hang of it : )

PS. Oh, and I'm finally motivated to actually post this after reading Novelista Barista's similar post. Her blog is awesome ... you should really check it out :)

Oh, and one more thing ... if you have a Formspring, please put a link to your Formspring in the comments of this post. Please and thank you : )

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