Thursday, May 7, 2009

Your Thoughts on Sarah Palin

I sort of famously looked down on Sarah Palin during the election. My opinion of her has not changed since (if anything, it's gone lower), but it does seem interesting to me that so many people who once championed her are now brushing her name aside as thought she wasn't at one point within votes of being the vice-president of the United States. For a woman to accomplish this (and I know she wasn't the first, but it's still noteworthy, scary as that is in this day and age)is a remarkable thing, and I have to give Palin props for that.

If you found Sarah Palin distasteful, please explain why. If you were a supporter, please explain why. Also, if you were at one time a supporter of Palin, please explain why or why not this may have changed (with you or with people that you know).

I'm extremely curious to see where this one ends up ... me and my random curiosity : )

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