Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finding a New Doctor

I have been going to the same primary care doctor for years. He's kind of a quack, but he was always entertaining and was willing to call in prescriptions to the pharmacy on my word ("I have a sinus infection ... could I get a Z-pack called in, please?") and ... well, I don't like change.

But Pythagorus (who also went to this guy) has had some serious medical issues in the past month, and this guy's practice totally dropped the ball. Like, totally. To quote my mother (she's a nurse practitioner), "Why would you put someone with asthma on a beta blocker?" But even that observation was kind of ignored by us because this doctor was just what we were used to. It wasn't until the recent drama that we realized this was a necessary step.

Well, Pythagorus' health has done a complete (and vitally necessary) 180, and much of the credit goes to his new doctors.

Tonight it is my turn. I'm about to leave for my pre-physical physical (they're evidently quite thorough ... and they have evening hours, bonus!).

How do you feel about doctors? Do you feel a strong connection with yours (I adore my gastroenterologist, for example)? What would make you leave your regular doctor? How important is a primary care doctor?