Monday, April 27, 2009

Structure--Good for the Soul or a Necessary Evil?

Perhaps because I work in one of the most structured places in the world--a public school--I find myself wondering whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I've come to the dubious conclusion that, for me, at least, the structure of my work is necessary. I have a set schedule at work; the classes may differ, the collection of characters in any given grouping of kids makes for great variety, but it's a given. A known.

Last week, I did almost nothing. I played with my kids, did some light editing of my finished manuscript and planned some mental outlining for my novel-in-progress, and toiled to get this blog out there. It was a very necessary easy week, but I'm still disgusted with myself for not getting accomplished a fraction of what I should. Why did I suddenly become a focus machine when I was back at work?

So here I am back at work, and I've got grades entered and informal progress reports printed for two of my classes. I managed to achieve this amazing feat (this is sarcasm ... my classes are blessedly small) in about half an hour. I did nothing for work over vacation--no planning, no grading, very little thinking about it (although I adore my job), and I didn't make it in to clean up my desk as I'd planned to do at some point during the week.

So are you a person that needs structure in order to get anything done, or do you thrive when given your own time and task? Many writers that I've met on the great blogosphere set writing goals, keep track of word count, and do amazing things ... all self-initiated. What is wrong with me?

I should probably mention that I'm teaching summer school this year for the sole purpose of keeping myself occupied so I can actually get things done. How pathetic is that?

Oh well ... I'll just jump on the "I have ADHD" bandwagon and smile cutely. That often works : )

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