Thursday, April 23, 2009

Philosophy from a Five-Year-Old

Belle and I just had a fascinating conversation.

She asked me, "Back when there was no one in the world, how did people get born?" I just sat there with my mouth hanging open as she theorized about the sun growing people, a ghost getting married to a person and having a baby, or that people rained down from the sky.

Am I wrong to be completely flummoxed by this?

And, incidentally, my answer was to basically stutter out, "Uh, that's a really good question, baby."

How does one answer what might possibly be the ultimate question to a kid who hasn't started kindergarten yet? More importantly, what does it say about this child's thought process that she came up with this?

And if anyone has a good answer that I can offer Belle, that'd be much appreciated as well.

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