Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling Grateful : )

This blogging thing started out as kind of a lark for me. I wanted to share thoughts, ideas, conversations, and debates with others, but the idea of blogging publicly was kind of a "when I have the free time" hobby.

What's happened instead is that I've realized the tremendous value not just in reading and responding to the comments on my blog (although I love getting comments ... it makes me feel special ... that's not a hint or anything ... well, maybe just a little : )) but in reading and responding to the blogs of others. There are some amazing people in the world with so much to say thinking in so many different directions. Being a small part of that ... it's mind-boggling. It's downright humbling.

The greatest gift I've been given, however, is reconnecting with my passion for writing. I'd sort of been emulating Salinger, hiding in my house writing a bunch of stuff (brilliant stuff on Salinger's part, I think pretty good stuff on my part) that nobody would probably ever see. Because of the people and the connections I've made through this blog, I know that I am not alone, that I have a modicum of talent, and that I will succeed as a writer if I keep my goals firmly in mind and make a commitment to work hard on a consistent basis.

My vacation is over today, for all intents and purposes. When I go back to my day job, it's much easier for me to become overwhelmed in terms of not finding time to write (and I don't mean on this blog ... I mean in general). Teaching is the noblest profession, but it's also among the most exhausting. However, this week has envigorated me in ways I never dreamed could happen, so I'm hopeful that things will continue to move in the right direction.

Thank you, and keep reading : ) I'll be doing the same!

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