Friday, March 27, 2009

A Good Use of Celebrity

It's a well-known fact that us common folk tend to follow trends as put forth by celebrities. The fact that people who have really been given little to no training for their promotion to role models results in some very mixed--and very disturbing--messages getting out there sometimes.

That's why I cried--literally had tears--when I read this story. Basically, a little girl of seven was hit in the head with a baseball, and she was fine for a couple of days. After learning of Natasha Richardson's accident and consequent passing, her parents decided to call the doctor. It's a good thing they did, because the child had an epidural hematoma and ignoring the situation could have had catastrophic results for little Morgan and her family.

There are those that wear the mantle of celebrity and the accompanying responsibility proudly and should be commended. Richardson's husband Liam Neeson as well as her extended family should definitely fall into this category. The family has suffered a tragedy from which they may never recover, and yet they are somehow channeling this into some sort of positive. The strength and grace of Ms. Richardson's family speaks to the type of celebrity she was ... one of the good ones.

Rest in peace, Natasha Richardson. You provided entertainment and photographs of a gorgeous woman to the multitudes. However, with your tragic passing, you have opened the eyes of many to a potentially deadly medical emergency that is often ignored.

Many celebrities focus on clubbing, drinking, partying, looking good at all times, adopting various children when you're maybe not in the best position to be doing so, and conceiving children with the many and varied.

You lived quietly and under the radar. You clearly loved your family deeply, and it was by all accounts recripocated. It's a tragedy that you were taken from them at such a young age, but your death has not been in vain. You will probably impact the medical futures of many.

Thank you, Ms. Richardson. It seems crass to call you, "A good use of celebrity", but based on what I've read about you, I think you'd be pleased that your death was not in vain.

Rest in peace, amazing lady : )

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