Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Belle has a Cough

Due to a computer snafu in my house, there is only one working computer. (Actually, that's not completely accurate ... Addie's laptop works, so does Pythagorus' work laptop, and so does my laptop as long as I don't need the internet). However, that one working computer is a real gem--I'm guessing you can read the sarcasm there--with odd issues, and it has "Open Office" instead of Windows because Pythagorus hasn't gotten a chance to install the Microsoft stuff yet. Worst of all, it's in the living room, which is extremely cold at night. However, since the sickness of my desktop forced me to abandon the warm, comfortable Salinger-space I've set up in my bedroom for the frozen tundra of the living room, I've been trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Belle is upstairs coughing and, at first, I went running up every time to make sure she was okay. Pythagorus is with her, but he'd sleep through kingdom coming. Even Addie, usually only concerned with how many AIM conversations she can have going on at once or where she's going to charge her iPod now that the main computer is out of commission, poked her head out and asked if Belle was okay.

Yeah, Belle is okay. Like both Pythagorus and Addie, it appears that Belle has allergies. They get worse at night and, again like both her daddy and her sister, they aren't characterized by just a runny nose or tender sinuses ... she gets a hard core cough. She sounds like a chain-smoking drunk the morning after (except, of course, it's still nighttime). She has a physical coming up, and I'm sure she'll get an inhaler of some sort (we can put it in the medicine chest with Addie's and Phythagorus') or maybe they'll put her on Claritin or Zyrtec (although I suspect she's still too young).

Belle is a very neat kid. She actually plays board games better than many adults (she has a sense of strategy that I find both amazing and a little frightening) and is obsessed with the idea of reading (and very close to doing this on her own). I was hoping she'd avoid the curse of the allergies but, if that last cough was any indication, no such luck.

Oh, my little Belle ...

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