Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Goals: If I Write Them Out, Maybe I'll Stick to Them

Goals for June:
1.  To not complain about the heat on a public forum
2.  To read a book
3.  To blog at least 5 out of 7 days each week
4.  To cook dinner for my family at least 2 nights each week
5.  To take Howard the Hyper Hound (he's actually a boxador) on a walk of at least a half mile every day 
6. To begin attending trainings in preparation for returning to work
7.  To clean out the room that is supposed to be my office but is instead sort of a catch-all for everybody's junk
8.  To teach Gabrielle how to say "Mama" before any other word ;-)
9.  To stop drinking Coke
10.To be more social
11.To like myself more.

  Monthly Goals

I guess in July, we'll see how I did ... and I will have a new list of goals for that month.

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