Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why I Believe My Hubs is "The One"

I believe in love.  I think there are people that you connect with on a visceral level, people that understand you, people that finish your sentences and understand your eccentricities and even your bad points...and love you just the same.

I have been in love, had that connection, with three people throughout my life.

My husband, Jeff, is last and best.  He is like wallowing in a sunset on the beach when you're exhausted, just looking at the beautiful sights and sounds and laughing at silly things.

Yup, we do a lot of laughing ...

He is the perfect cup of Irish coffee after a long, wild ride. I love Jeff deeply and completely, but we have both noted on separate occasions that we would never have been compatible had we tried dating before we did.

Here are ten reasons that Jeffrey is the end of my road, why he is remarkable in so many ways, and why I love him.

1.  Jeff is handy.  If things are falling apart around the house (or at my mom's house), he has both the knowledge and the willingness to fix them.  He thinks things through from all directions and doesn't rush.  To wit, we were trying to figure out how to get Ari's bike in the back of the SUV along with Gabrielle's stroller and without folding down the seats because Howard was coming with us.  It took quite a bit of work, but he did it.

2.  Jeff has a fantastic sense of humor ... and a laugh that is either infectious or annoying, depending on your mood.  Either way, it's memorable.

3. He might be the only man on the planet to actually read directions, although he does give it the old college try before going for the directions.  I admire this about him because so many men (not to generalize, but ...) think they are above using directions.  Jeff doesn't.

4.  He is the best father in the world--Ari and Gabrielle are blessed beyond belief to have the privilege of calling him Daddy, and Emily is fortunate to have such a wonderful stepfather.

5. Jeff understands me.  He knows when I need it to be quiet, he knows how to make me laugh when that'll work, and he picks up the pieces for and with me when I am overwhelmed.

6.  Jeff is incredibly smart.  This is, in general, a good thing.  The only problem is, he will sometimes branch off on four hundred tangents because he knows so much.
ME: Did you know there's no fat in Coke?
JEFF: Well, there's lots of sugar.
ME: I fat, though.
JEFF: Well, you know, it's not fat alone that makes you fat, right?
ME: Of course I know that.
JEFF: .............amino acid...........protein...............sort of like photosynthesis with plants................I've never gotten you flowers, have I?
ME: Um, nope.
JEFF: Do you mind? I could buy flowers.  What kind of flowers would you want.
ME: I like lilacs.  They smell yummy.
JEFF: ..........Harvard........springtime..............steal from a lilac bush down the road.............purple?

7. When Ari wanted a puppy for Christmas, Jeff agreed.  He might not have agreed quite so quickly had he known that the dog would quickly become his shadow...a shadow that thinks going outside to pee at four in the morning is perfectly acceptable. We even tease Jeff about having "Daddy issues".
8. Jeff is open-minded.  His political views, passions, and humor coincide neatly with mine.  There are certain people he hates, for example, but if they make a good point or do a nice thing, he will be the first to acknowledge it.

9. Jeff is willing to change his prior prejudices.  For example, he used to refuse to drink at Starbucks because it was "too hipster".  I've got the man drinking lattes ;-)

10. Jeff loves me.  It's in his eyes, his voice, pretty much his every action.  He loves me, and that is more valuable than gold.  Sometimes I wonder why he puts up with me, yet I still see only love in his eyes.  He is the best.

Thank you, Jeffie ... always <3 p="">

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