Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm a Blog Slacker ... So Starting Back Up With Sunday Stealing :-)

There is no question, I've been a slacker in terms of keeping this blog up to date.  I've been busy with the kids and school starting back up and all sorts of other things.

So, yeah, I have a boyfriend, who I'll call Henry here (he knows why).  He's an English teacher, a voracious reader, and is a very kind, very funny, very smart person.  I've been avoiding mentioning him because I didn't want to jinx anything.

I guess I'm comfortable enough with where we're at now to mention him here.  That's probably a good sign :-)

Anyway, onward to Sunday Stealing, which is called "That Meme That's Going Around" this week.

A. Age:
I'll be 35 next month.  I don't want to talk about it.

B. Bed size:
So I have Ward and June Cleaver beds in my room.  Yes, I'm serious ... I sleep in a twin-sized bed.  With a golden retriever.  

C. Chore that you hate:
Unloading the dishwasher.  Now, I don't mind loading the dishwasher, which is, according to everyone that makes fun of me about this, the exact same amount of work when all is said and done.  For some reason, though, I just hate unloading the stupid dishwasher ...  

D. Dogs:
I've always had dogs, primarily golden retrievers, and they've always been family members, not just pets.  Right now, I have a golden retriever named Mollie and a black lab named Sonja.  They're wonderful :-)

E. Essential start to your day:
Coffee.  It's not a real day until there's coffee.

F. Favorite color:

G. Gold or Silver:
I actually think silver is prettier, but virtually all of my jewelry is gold ... interesting conundrum ;-)

H. Height:
5'2".  I'm short.  Most of my students are taller than I am.  I've come to terms with it.

I. Instruments you play:
I can pick on the piano a bit, and I used to sing pretty well.

J. Job title:
English Teacher.  

K. Kids:
Two daughters, Addie (17 and a senior in high school, which I do NOT want to talk about) and Belle (7, and a sparkly, sweet little girl) 

L. Live:
In New England, where we have a passion for sports teams that mess with our minds and say things like, "WICKED PISSAH".  

M. Mother's name:
I'm not putting my mother's name down here.  I will tell you, though, that I almost gave Belle my mother's name for a middle name, but I just couldn't do it because the name is so ... well, dumb.  No, it's not Bambi.

N. Nicknames:
Many and varied ... "Teach" and manifestations of my name (such as KLo) are the norm.

O. Overnight hospital stays:
Also many and varied ... I never just get a cold, it's always something that requires overnight hospital stays.  It's been awhile, though ... years, in fact.  Speaking of fearing a jinx ...

P. Pet peeve:
Feet, "Toppers" (people that have to one-up every story you tell ... it's very annoying), rudeness, mean people, being disorganized ...

Q. Quote from a movie:
"Leave the gun ... take the cannoli." 

R. Right or left handed:

S. Siblings:
Two, Adam (four years older) and Mary (two years younger).  I also have two half-sisters and a half-brother.

T. Time you wake up:
During the week, 5:30 a.m. ... on weekends, it depends.

U. Underwear:
Yes ;-)

V. Vegetable you hate:
Peas.  The consistency of the inside of peas makes me gag.

W. What makes you run late:
I'm very rarely late.  My mother is ALWAYS late, and it used to drive me crazy.  It got to the point where I'd tell her I needed to be picked up from practice at 3:30 when it was really 4:00 because I knew she'd still be 15 minutes late.

X. X-Rays you've had:
A lot.  I don't keep track ...

Y. Yummy food that you make:
There are very few things I can make, but what I can make I make very well--chicken salad, corn chowder, meatloaf, a chicken casserole with cheese and broccoli that's pretty amazing, and spaghetti with meatballs.  

Z. Zoo animal:
I think wild cats (tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards) are unspeakably beautiful.

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