Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is How I Feel

* The anal-retentive cashier who could not understand why you gave him a quarter and wanted a dollar back when the total came to $19.25. Could.Not.Get.It.

* The well-lit restaurant.

* The well-lit woman at the well-lit restaurant.

* 53-59-59-65.

* The Droid X.

* The two hour pizza.

* Road head instead of breaking the window of a liquor store.

* Roadies.

* Dreams of sailing to Boston and fireworks on the Saco.

* An accidental $500.

* The miniature lobster.

* Gel sneakers.

* Haddock, 151, and pictures your mom should never have seen.

* Wine runs.

* Rolling Rock between ski runs.

* Schooling your ass in a Go-Cart race.

* The screen and the toilet.

* The princess and the fog machine.

* The best damn cheeseburgers ever.

* The museum.

* Funner.

* Come burn with us.

* Shit in a river.

* Peanut butter for the dogs.

* This is a five minute list.

* I had a wonderful night.

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