Monday, May 24, 2010

Amazing Everyday Women that YOU Know

I'm really excited about a new feature I'm trying to kick into gear over at Zelda Lily. It's called "Trailblazers", and the premise is that there are a lot of amazing women in the world that aren't on the news every day or don't receive the recognition they deserve.

I would LOVE to get some recommendations from y'all for some "Trailblazers". This is the first "Trailblazers" piece ... it's about a girl I went to high school with who is now an L.A. hair stylist in very high demand. One might not think of a hair stylist in terms of feminism, but this lady, Jordana Lorraine, is my age and has accomplished some pretty amazing things, in particular the stigma of being "just a hairdresser."

Anyway, please e-mail me at with any suggestions you may have for "Trailblazers". I appreciate your help in advance and am really excited about being able to explore the successes of the really cool women you all no doubt know :-).

<3 KL

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