Friday, April 2, 2010

Rats! Michael Jackson’s Doctor Turns to EBay

The fallout from Michael Jackson’s death continues nearly a year after the fact. The latest victim? A 2004 Chevy SSR truck owned by Jackson’s doctor/friend/sperm donor Arnold Klein. According to TMZ, Klein “can’t bare (sic) to ride in it since the singer’s death.”

In a creepy development from an already ridiculously creepy situation, Klein and Jackson evidently used to tool around Hancock Park where the movie Willard was filmed. From TMZ:
Dr. Klein tells TMZ Jackson loved driving over to the "Willard" house in Hancock Park. It's the house where the movie "Willard" was filmed -- it's kind of the monster version of MJ's song, "Ben."
Klein says Michael believed the house was populated by aliens and monsters.

And in a twist that could only come from the Jacksonian saga, Klein has put the truck up on EBay. Although its alleged value is over $30,000, the highest bid as of yesterday (April Fool’s Day, incidentally) was $9,100.

Does this mean we are finally sick of the whole Michael Jackson debacle? Can we let what remains of his legacy intact without more too-bizarre-to-be-real-yet-too-bizarre-to-be-made-up tidbits like this coming out of the woodwork? There are rats in the basement, all right …

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