Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Staying Right on the Pot

Writing is a funny passion to have.

On the one hand, it is as necessary as breathing if you are a writer. I, for one, can't not write (wow, that's great grammar from the English teacher ;)). However, at some point you have to make the decision on whether you're writing for yourself or if you want to do something with what you produce. To use a phrase that my mother hates, "S--- or get off the pot."

I thought I'd made the decision a long time ago to do something with my writing, to share it, to get it out there. The truth is, though, I wasn't quite ready. I have a serious inferiority complex which I've recently realized is always going to be there. I'm always going to think that my writing isn't good enough, that it's crap unworthy of being held up next to anyone else's. I can wallow in that, or I can try to make it better, try to get it up to the best level.

The first two chapters of my second novel have been posted on a lit crit blog and are currently being ripped to shreds--and I couldn't be happier. My writing will never go anywhere if I don't put it out there, if I'm not willing to see what others have to say and work with it.

Please go HERE to read the excerpt from Annual ... and I encourage you (in fact, I beg you) to join in on the lit crit. It can only make what I already do better : )

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