Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Hard to Give a Compliment These Days ...

Yes, I said compliment. After all, it's easy as heck to give a complaint ;)

So I got my hair cut Friday night and, as usual, it looked damn good after the hairdresser had done all the blow-drying and straight-ironing I never have time to do. The next morning, not so much, but that night, I was pretty pumped about it.

Being as I am in many ways a true epitomization (is that even a word) of the day and age, my first thought was, "I have GOT to take a picture to put on Facebook." I took about thirty pictures before coming out with this:

My Facebook started popping like crazy, of course, my BlackBerry buzzing so hard that I got looks at the grocery store. And the gist of what my friends on Facebook had to say was, "Wow, that's beautiful! It doesn't even LOOK like you!" (and, directly behind that, "Damn, girl, you've lost a lot of weight!"

I am, of course, able to appreciate the intent of the comments rather than reading too much into them (Do I usually look so awful that a halfway decent picture doesn't even look like me? Am I so damn fat that one picture sets off an outcry about my weight loss?) ... but there are people that aren't.

How sad is it that we live in a world where you have to be as careful of compliments as you do anything else?

**And for those of you that have noticed my absence from the blogosphere, thanks for your concern :). There are so many things going on in my life right now that are tied far too closely to other people for me to blog about. It'll all come out sometime, I'm sure ;) : ) :(

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