Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Pseudonyms

I use pseudonyms on my blog (obviously ... having to go through life being referred to as KLo would be interesting, to say the least). I just got thinking about why I do this (privacy is the obvious answer, of course), whether other blogs I read have real names or false like mine, and of course the doppelgangers on my blog and the origins of them.

Belle is the easiest, of course. Her real name is that of a Disney princess (which is probably pretty much telling it to you, since I'd obviously never name my child Cinderella) and Belle from Beauty and the Beast is her favorite, so it was a pretty logical choice.

Addie is a bit more complicated. She's actually named after a character in my first novel, which I realize is a bit of role reversal. The fictional Addie was created before my daughter existed, and it's very odd how much she reminds me of my daughter.

It's funny about Andy. I don't remember where I came up with the name Andy for him ... there's no great story or stroke of genius (if I was just starting to blog about him now, I'd refer to him as Banana Boy, which believe it or not has absolutely no sexual connotation). No, the odd thing is that his father's name actually is Andy ... and his father is kind of a jerk. It makes me feel kind of bad, now, of course ...

My ex-husband Pythagorus is a mathematician, so it seemed evident. Well, he used to be a mathematician. Now he's something completely different. Ah, c'est la vie. I could have called him Edgar Allan Poe Bon Scott Ernest Hemingway something a lot worse ... Let's put it this way--I hope he and Marilyn Merlot are very happy together.

Anyway, is it standard to create fake names on a blog? Do you? I see some blogs with links to Facebook, and I'm just wondering how comfortable that would make you ... it makes me a little nervous. Do you have as much fun coming up with blog pseudonyms as I do (and should I change Andy's name to Banana Boy?), or do I have a simple mind ;)?

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