Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's Share Embarrassing Stories, Shall We ;)?

Since the drama in my life just perpetuates and it's very hard to blog without doing the whole SSDD thing, I feel very negligent. Hence, I'm going to share a recent embarrassing story. It made me laugh when it happened. It's making me laugh right now. I hope it will make you laugh. And I hope you will share an embarrassing/funny story in the comments so we can have a big freaking laughfest.

So ... (And this is an abbreviated version since I'm typing on my BlackBerry, which makes my thumbs hurt)

I was at a restaurant called Big Daddy's with Andy. He was telling me that the walls in the men's room have diamond studs (like the bed of a truck or something, I don't know). Well, it seemed pretty harmless for me to go look and see what the hell he was talking about, so I headed for the latrine.

The door was open. I saw the diamond-studded walls. I also saw a guy standing at the urinal. Yeah, like I said, I SAW this guy. Waaaaaay too much of this guy.

So I go running back to the table, and a bunch of people are saying, "Hey, lady, the girls' room is that way", and what the heck was I supposed to say? "I'm checking out the walls in the men's room?"

So I tell Andy what happened and he's laughing like crazy and I'm, like, magenta. The guy comes over and apologizes. I feel like the biggest ass in the world.

But damn, did that laughter feel fine :)

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