Friday, October 9, 2009

Trying (Unsuccessfully) to Alleviate Loneliness

Do you ever feel so alone, so misunderstood that it makes you crazy? The thing is, I don't even know if "loneliness" is the right word.

I guess that it's just sometimes the people you want to talk to, the people you thought would always be there, just disappear sometimes.

I'm guilty of this, too, of course. I've been avoiding a couple of my best friends that have been calling, e-mailing, texting ... because sometimes you just don't know where to start :(

Why do the actions (or non-actions, if you will) of others play such an impact in a person's psyche? Why can't you just go through life alone and not have to believe in other people? It would certainly make life easier, I sometimes think.

Eh, things will look brighter in the morning, when I'll still be lonely (or whatever the hell I am) but I won't care as much.


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