Friday, October 2, 2009


The lump was just a cyst!!!!

I am, of course, beyond relieved. However, this little scare has made me think a great deal about those who are not so lucky.

These things come like a shot in the dark. You hear all the time about children, adolescents, and seemingly-healthy adults getting cancer, having heart attacks, and so on. It's incredibly frightening when you think about it.

I can tell you that I certainly appreciate my life--and everyone in it--more today than I did a week ago. How horrible is it, that sometimes it takes such a sobering event to make you realize how lucky you are?

Well, the bus will be here in a minute ... the freshman class is on a field trip to an outdoor teambuilding event with high and low ropes courses, among other things.

I suspect I'll be flirting with death on a zip line within a few hours ;)

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