Sunday, May 10, 2009

The One that's For Mothers

So how did you spend Mothers Day?

The bulk of mine was spent working the yard at my mom's house. I used a leaf blower, I spread cow manure, I lugged slimy and nasty leaves on a tarp to the back of the forest area.

And I had a perfect day (minus the morning, but that's a different story that probably more accurately belongs in the private blog).

Pythagorus usually gets me jewelry or a car dock for my iPod or a Blackberry or something like that for a holiday. Today, instead, we spent the day together working ourselves to the bone to help my mother with her yard.

It meant a hundred times more.

So how did you spend the day? What are some memorable mothers day events you've experienced? Do you ever end up feeling disappointed?

Oh, and do you love my mom as much as I love my mom? The woman who once disliked me as much as I disliked her (we're both Scorpios ... and far too much alike) is now my best friend pretty much. I would take a bullet for my mother, no question. Ah, tomorrow perhaps a blog about the mother/daughter dynamic. Tonight, I'm too tired (and have too much laundry to fold ... and want to watch the "NCIS" I DVRd).

Happy Mothers Day, everyone : ) !


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you as well. :D

  2. We drove up to Glacier National Park and went on a hike through the Trail of the Cedars. After that we stopped at the lake and Rick & the kids fished for awhile. The best part was that all 4 of my kids went -- usually my teen girls stay home, so this was nice to have them with us.

  3. I'm really getting jealous of those private blog readers. You're holding out on us here! ; )

    As for me, I was disappointed today. My wonderful husband did give me a card and my beautiful son wrote in one for me, but other than that...nothing. I got on to him a little bit, but his father never did anything for his mother and it simply wasn't a big deal in their house. In mine, it was. Some day, maybe he will learn that part too. He has already come so far.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

  4. I spent the entire day with my mother, and all the mothers on my dad's side of the family, or 9/10 of them anyway. The center of attention though, was my grandmother, who just had a cancer scare. The 'big cheese' got to sit in her rocker while we cooked and scrubbed and attended. It was awsome!

  5. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I think expectations have a tendency to become to high so it can be a hard holiday to get through. Like Valentine's Day... It depends on what situation of life you're in I'd guess.

  6. I just hate that I can't go back and edit comments. lol! I need to remember to reread before I post...

  7. That is so nice that instead of getting her something material you went over and gave her some of your time :)

  8. I spent the day with my Mom, fed her goodies forbidden since prescription-induced diabetes reared its ugly head, knowing it would be my last with her.

    My own kidlets and DH gave me a bookstore gift card, a pound of great Starbucks beans, roses, a new wallet/keychain, pedi/mani...yeah, it was a Mother's Day to remember in every way.

  9. Yours was the perfect gift. What a great idea :) We had a great weekend here, too. I got breakfast in bed and a long phone call to my mom (who is out of state).

  10. What an awesome gift you gave your mom! I didn't do or get anything special for mother's day.
    Though my dad called me, which was sweet.

    I love NCIS too. :-)