Sunday, May 17, 2009

"One Lovely Blog" Award

The amazing Jenni has bestowed this blog award upon me. I am truly honored and humbled. Jenni is an amazing and positive person, and it has been a great pleasure to read her blog and know that she is reading mine.

My job now is to pass this award on ... so here are, in my opinion, ten blogs that both deserve this award and should be read by the masses. So, in no particular order ...

Just Jules , a visual feast of photography you will enjoy tremendously : )

Children of the '90s , a place where I can relive my wicked awesome adolescence : )

Rena Jones , a children's author and photographer with a unique perspective on writing, photography, and ... uh, everything else : )

PINKNIC , where I go to stay classy : )

Insert Witty Anecdote , the amazing personal blog written by a columnist for the fledgling (but amazing) site Zelda Lily

Red Bird , who has an understanding of beauty and simplicity that I will always envy ... and aspire to.

Agent Stiletto , who has known me since junior high (gulp lol) and is able to focus on fashion like a fab fashionista : )

Erinadequate Me , who puts more raw emotion and truth into her blog than I can begin to imagine. Her courage is an inspiration.

Donut Girl , who you really have to read to fully appreciate. She is a stylish, humorous, history lesson-giving girl with a remarkably fresh insight.

From Elysium , a blog written by a young aspiring author and student.

I have to note that I kept this list focused on ten of my favorite blogs kept by females (since the award looks like it's geared that way ... I might be totally wrong ... I follow a lot of amazing blogs written by guys, notably Martin and Eric), so if this was an error in my understanding, I apologize. I also follow some blogs that knock my socks off that have either been given this award already or who I didn't get a chance to list here (ten is such a lonely number).

I'm fortunate to know (and read) each and every one of you!

<3 KLo

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