Monday, April 6, 2009

Reason #486 that I Love My Job

On Friday, my Advisory (sort of like an extended homeroom with a focus on teambuilding) challenged another Advisory to a Dodge Ball tournament. We won (I have a very athletically blessed Advisory), and today we got to dish out a little punishment.

Basically, the losing team was going to suffer a little pie in the face on Monday. Today is Monday. Heh heh heh : )

I brought the whipped cream, one of my students brought plates, and we went into the other Advisory and started setting up who was going to pie whom. The other teacher graciously volunteered to go first (she did cover herself with a trash bag first), and the rest of the class took their pies in the face with minimal complaint.

The one exception was the young man that was throwing at me (and throwing HARD) on Friday. He was my target for the pie in the face, but instead of taking it like his classmates, he went and hid in the bathroom. I'd sort of decided to wait and get him during English class, but he kept poking his head out of the bathroom and yelling, "Bring it on!" then going back and hiding in a place I certainly couldn't go.

The kids in my Advisory went to get him out (well, the boys did), but he barricaded himself in a stall (or so I heard) and refused to come out. Another teacher came over to see what was going on, and he sent a couple of his students, tall and strong basketball players, and they went in and got the young man in question out then carried him into the hallway where an ultimate pie-ing transpired.

It was priceless : ) Being able to teach is amazing enough, but every once in awhile you get to have a really good time beyond that ... this was a great reminder of how much I adore my job and how lucky I am.

Incidentally, the other Advisory has challenged us to a dance-off next Friday. We're prepared for defeat, so figuring out what our punishment next Monday will be is keeping us quite entertained.

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