Monday, April 27, 2009

Flight Tracking Addie (She's Home Safe)

So I've been flight-tracking Addie on the computer since she left Florida. Her plane landed in Boston just before ten, and I waited for her to call and let me know she was all set, per our standard plan when she travels. And I waited. And I waited.

Finally, I sent her a text. At 10:30 (this is a big step for me).

Me: You landed, right? Love you!!!!

Addie: Yep

Me: Okay, thanks! I was worried ... sorry, I'm lame lol

Addie: I know

Yeah, I'm really feeling the love here :) I think she's just mad because I'm making her go to school tomorrow. She and my mom should get back to "Mimi"'s house by 11:30 or so, and then, yes, she'll have to get up and have her grandmother drive her to school.

I'm a mean mother, I guess. And Addie is evidently a texter of few words when you're on her crap list (although she writes veritable soliloquies on her phone on general principle). Sigh ...

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