Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Philosophy of KLo

I have become very interested in philosophy over the past year. The questions of why, how, what, when, and so on have become beyond intriguing to me. Therefore, I've decided to record my thoughts with regard to the hows and whys of life in general here.

I do have a personal blog that depicts the goings on in my real life. Based on unintentional hurt feelings, that blog is blocked to all but a select few. That's where I talk about my sordid past (haha) and the goings-on in my present. My purpose is for this blog to be very general. I will use pseudonyms without exception.

My plan is to go through my personal blog and adapt some of the ideas and concepts there to fit here. After I get those posts up (and I'll do it in chronological order of when they were written), I'll start writing new stuff.

Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or anything else. The greatest lesson I've learned in my life is the magic that exists within the human mind. Not to sound like The Forty Year Old Virgin, but if you don't use it, you're going to lose it.

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